Are you looking for a new or used piano here in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area? A beautiful baby grand or a professional studio? Are you ready now to upgrade to that performance level concert quality grand piano? Perhaps you live somewhere in rural Minnesota and you’re seeking a digital piano or a keyboard? Is your Church in need of a terrific new Church Organ? How about that Player Grand Piano and all the fun you’ve been hearing about? Are you interested in the newer HYBRID pianos? Then you’ve come to the right place! Carlson’s Music Center and Carlson’s Piano World! Our firm has been trusted in Minnesota and in all the upper Midwest as a source for great pianos and other keyboard products for over 65 years! We have 3 locations to serve you for all of Minnesota and the entire Twin Cities Metro! Moreover, if you’re looking for some great low prices on digital products and keyboards, then be sure to look through our BUY YOUR PIANO ONLINE section!

We hope you’ll spend some time taking a look at all the different aspects and pages of our website. Learn about the history of Carlson’s Music Center and Carlson’s Piano World at ABOUT US. Look through our NEW PIANOS to find all the best brands for the best prices, whether they are GRAND PIANOS, VERTICAL PIANOS, DIGITAL PIANOS; PLAYER PIANOS or CHURCH ORGANS! In our USED PIANOS page there is a complete database of premium used instruments, with photos, text and description.

Moreover, there is tons of helpful information about pianos and related issues. If you need to do some research on BUYING A PIANO, there is help to make a great choice. Are you SELLING A PIANO? Give us a call and we can more than likely help you. We can provide all the information you need. We also buy used pianos and we are happy to consider what you’ve got to sell. If you already have a piano or have recently purchased one, take a look at all the superb information under PIANO CARE.

Now…look through the sections below to see what categories of outstanding pianos and the like we proudly and passionately feature


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Grand Pianos

Take your piano music to the stratosphere of performance and technique… Achieve for your family and home the realization of your dreams… a beautiful GRAND PIANO your heart has always longed for!

Vertical Pianos

Every home deserves the enhancement of a VERTICAL PIANO! Piano playing and piano lessons for yourself or your children assist in growth and enjoyment for all! If you or anyone in your family has started into music with an older used piano…see how the performance oriented professional studio can lift their artistry!

Digital Pianos

See why DIGITAL PIANOS are helping keep younger ones interested in music without giving up quickly! Experience how technology aids in stimulating family fun and togetherness! Let a digital piano help your music become all that it can with arrangement possibilities, music styles and recording capabilities!

Hybrid Pianos

The HYBRID PIANO combines the best of piano worlds… the expressive touch of the acoustic piano (grand or vertical) with the fabulous innovations of digital pianos! The Hybrid piano has a real wooden key piano action so the feel of playing is exactly the same as playing on an acoustic grand piano! (Other great features are: no tuning; using headphones; recording capabilities!) So come in and see why many are making this the piano of choice!

Player Piano

Are you just learning to play and yet still want beautiful piano music in your home? Do you long for the lovely sound of live piano music when you are entertaining family and friends? PLAYER PIANOS can take you and your loved ones to a whole new level of musical enjoyment while remaining the perfect instrument to continue practicing and playing on! Moreover, these pianos can be perfect for settings such as restaurants; businesses; hotels and the like…as they treat their customers and patrons to outstanding music!


For those institutions or musicians that want the expressiveness of the traditional pipe organ in the ease and comfort of today’s modern technology…CARLSON’S PIANO WORLD is proud to announce that we handle the world-famous VISCOUNT ORGANS! These are amazing instruments that use state of the art physical modeling to not only create the sound of thousands of pipes, but also how they interact physically with one another in real-time, as you play; just as they would in a real windblown pipe organ.